Is Gravity Rush 2 Still Coming to The PS Vita, or Going to The PS4?

Many PS Vita and Gravity Rush fans alike are wondering the same question. Will Gravity Rush 2 still be coming to the PS Vita. After all, Sony has yet to clearly state which system will get the cult hit. The VitaBoys discuss whether or not the believe the PS Vita system will still be getting Gravity Rush 2, or if there is no hope for the system.

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Travis37081337d ago

We want Gravity Rush 2 to succeed. Let it also come to PS4.

killerluffy1231337d ago

The idea of making this game for Vita is to boost its sales , who else will buy Vita when its also for PS4 , lolz . Btw, u ps4 users already have enough exclusive titles , dont be such a selfish scumbag .

vergilxx31336d ago

They don't understand this cuz they are greedy bit*es

spacedelete1337d ago

TVita is dead. long live the Vita.

Travis37081337d ago

Please be both PS4 and Vita.

NovusTerminus1337d ago

I would love to see it on the PS4.

But at the same time the Vita needs a franchise, so I think it should stay.

Either way it's day one for me.

SoapShoes1337d ago

If it's on both the Vita still has that franchise though..

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The story is too old to be commented.