Preview: Dying Light Mixes Mirror’s Edge, Zombies & Sensational Night-Life [EGMR]

Quote: "Dying Light is another chance for Techland to show that it’s ready for the big leagues. It certainly has the interest from the gaming community, so all that remains to be seen is whether it can deliver. We’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for having the audacity to try and mix first person platforming, niche though it is, with zombie survival. It could be a glorious mess of glitches and mediocre storytelling, but it could also be entertaining despite all that. For the moment, the only question that needs to be answered is: Does Mirror’s Edge with zombies sound fun to you? If so, what are you waiting for… besides, well, the game to release… *cough*"

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GreenGamers1308d ago

can't wait for dying light

ZombieKiller1308d ago

Totally agree! Everything about this game looks fun as hell. I need more zombie games like this!

Meltic1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Getting my early copy on friday. I dont say how i got it :). Meaby i will wait until launch beacuse the update or patch fix if there is any day 1 patch..

nucky641308d ago

real excited. got mine paid for - I just hope there isn't some 2+ gig day1 patch....that'd p1ss me off!