Pirate RPG 'Raven's Cry' Release Date Re-Confirmed, Xbox 360 Retail Release Cancelled

Pirate RPG 'Raven's Cry' has had its release date re-confirmed by the publisher who also state that the Xbox 360 retail edition has been cancelled.

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Software_Lover1221d ago

Xbox 360 development must be taking them through hell. For those interested, with only an xbox 360, atleast there will be a release on the store. Just not retail disc.

Viryu1221d ago

Ehhh, it looks like it will be PC/Playstation exclusive, but after all the recent negativity around it I'm not even interested in it, sigh.

barbarapeva1221d ago

i'm not sure that the xbox 360 is worth developing for any more

LamerTamer1220d ago

Strange as it actually looks like an xbox 360 game even on PS4. Dem, they hurt my eyes.