10 Ways Destiny Can Improve Right Now

There’s a bunch of easy, short updates Bungie can make, which would all improve the game drastically: the updates and features found in this article would help keep players playing for longer while also potentially bringing those who may have given up back. And that can only be good news for Bungie.

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SpazldRust1271d ago

I've got 2 ways you missed...
1. Release all the future DLC for free or $1/£2/€1.5.
2. Ditch the IP and start a better one independently... Bungie have the influence to do that.

ChronoJoe1271d ago

Its Bungie's game, and they've made their bed, they should sleep in it. Abandoning fans that have bought into their universe would not help bridge trust between the developer, and consumers. What would, is sticking by their vision, righting the games wrongs (in regards to both its content, and business model) and doing their best to make Destiny and its successors the best games they can be.

SpazldRust1270d ago

Activision own the IP. And the DLC stuff is done by them.

ChronoJoe1270d ago

What's your point? Bungie are responsible for producing the game, so they should support and develop their vision.

TimeSkipLuffy1271d ago

I want more NPCs to appear randomly on planets to give you quests on planets and tell their story. Those beacons just look like lazy ass programming or bad inspire-less game design. Also this would allow more story to be integrated naturally.

brokenbracket1271d ago

Completely agree. Not sure why they didn't go this route. They would've been able to delve deeper into each race and why they're even involved in the fighting.

Stapleface1271d ago

Make it timed based on being in an area and not random. Bungie's RNG system can not do random correctly. You would have players that get those missions all the time and ones that never do. That idea would be great though.

GameSpawn1271d ago

I disagree with NPCs (at least in certain areas) because they would be completely out of place and weird. Think about how out of place an NPC would be just standing next to the wall in the middle of a warzone completely oblivious to the hostile enemies? Yeah, weird and out of place. Maybe have them in the connecting corridors between zones, but not in the zones themselves. The beacons are fine, though I wish they refreshed a little faster.

I do agree on the RNG system. It is too random and as such tends to screw you over more than reward. They need to implement weights to the RNG to prevent it from screwing you out of the good rewards the longer you go without a reward (or at least a good one).

iceman061271d ago

@Gamespawn...they don't have to be standing in a warzone. What if they just warped in with a quest? Or, if they were partaking in a battle as you came out into the area? That wouldn't kill the immersion and allow for more NPC's. As far as the RNG system, they really just need to tweak it so that you at least get Legendaries from bosses. I get so tired of fighting through Strikes, Dailies, and Weeklies and getting level 10 blue gear.

GokuSolosAll1271d ago

Way #1. Give unquestioned refunds.

OmegaShen1271d ago

Any other news don't care and Crota's Raid Hard will be up soon.

VVgamer4lifeVV1271d ago

Bungie should leave Activision, although I'm sure Activision owns them now for the next ten years.

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