Bound by Flame developer announces sci-fi fantasy RPG Technomancer, spin-off from Mars: War Logs

Developer Spiders has announced Technomancer, a spin-off from its sci-fi RPG Mars: War Logs. Featuring the same blend of action combat, stealth and magic, the game will tell a complex, branching story that's related but doesn't directly follow on from the previous game.

You'll have to deal with various factions, each of whom can be brought onside to help you out, complete missions for the mysterious order of the Technomancers, and explore a larger, more detailed version of War Logs' Mars.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1249d ago

Ughh... Hopefully it won't be another weak action RPG.

DoctorRedBeard1249d ago

Bound By Flame was alright. Wasn't good. Especially the end boss was extremely overpowering but it was alright.

DougLord1249d ago

I like the name, but know nothing about developer.

Shinuz1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

They made bound by flames and mars: war logs.

I thought bound by flames was an ok action rpg (finished it twice) but havent gotten around to play mars yet, my backlog is just too big...

Truthandreason1249d ago

While I have yet to play their games, they make games that interest me, I wish them luck and will someday pick up Mars & Bound by Flame.

phoenixwing1248d ago

I wish them luck with it too. I'd rather a new awesome game came by for my ps3 besides tales of zestiria which is all I kind of have to look forward to besides maybe Izle being a good game.