Call of Duty 2015: Black Ops 3 or World at War 2?

MWEB GameZone writes:"Treyarch have seemingly gone out of their way to tease Call of Duty 2015 over the past two months. During that time there has been a significant amount of attention drawn towards two possible titles; Black Ops 3 and World at War 2. We take a deeper look to see what will be the most likely of the two titles for 2015.

What title do you think should be released by Treyarch?"

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plut0nash1249d ago

Neither. Will be AW2 given its success.

Fizzerd1249d ago

Treyarch this year isn't going to make a sequel to a game made by Sledgehammer.

Newmanator1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Especially not if the last dlc pack comes out a month before Treyarch's new COD

kparks1249d ago

A.w freakin sucked dont know any cod fan that liked that or ghost.... Im hoping for [email protected] that would be awesome but whatever they decide treyarch is the only COD developer im supporting from now on!

HanCilliers1249d ago

Very well thought out argument for BLOPS3 or World at War 2. My bet is on the latter. given the official tease from Treyardh

Randostar1249d ago

Thats not a official tease from 3arch.

HanCilliers1249d ago

I'm talking about the Pearl Harbor image Treyardh posted on their Facebook wall.

DesVader1249d ago

I am hoping its World at War 2, but to be honest, if its BO3, I'd also be happy. BO1 was still one of the finest single player stories in an FPS.

DarkOcelet1249d ago

I really hated the shift of .BO2, i loved it but i wanted the old setting of the first one. Hopefully it is WW2 and hopefully no more fkn grenade super spawn on veteran. That was a Bit##

iNFAMOUZ11249d ago

how about none, make a new ip already jesus christ

DeadlyOreo1249d ago

Why? They're rolling in money made from the Call Of Duty franchise, that would be the most ridiculous move for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.