Starcraft pro-player match-fixing accusations may be premature

MWEB GameZone writes: "A pro-StarCraft player, Kang 'San' Cho Won, has been accused of throwing a recent SK Proleague match by no less than one of the world's largest online betting sites, Pinnacle Sports.

Until Pinnacle releases more clear cut information, it's difficult to really say if San did anything wrong. But the damage to his reputation could be irreparable.

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SonZeRo1190d ago

I will reserve judgement as i wasn't there and there is no evidence so far to point to him being guilty. Maybe the guy was loopy on pain meds?

lord zaid1190d ago

It really tough. His story is plausible, but does fully exempt him.

Pinnacle is right to query the spike in betting, but there's not proof that San has any knowledge of that. It's a just a big mess

HanCilliers1190d ago

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? His professional eSports career could be over now. Better to get hard evidence before making an accusation.

WeAreLegion1189d ago

Americans are innocent until proven guilty. Not every country has that system, sadly.

WeAreLegion1189d ago

Sadly, no. Jesus did not have that option.