Shining Dissonance: Japanese Customers Unhappy with Invasive Microtransactions

A new JRPG that once sparkled on the horizon has left early adopters with a truly bitter taste in their mouths. AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla breaks down why Sega's greedy system may cost them customers.

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kalkano1099d ago

Slimy...Wasn't interested before. Didn't respect SEGA before. Somehow, it got worse...

AUTOMATON1098d ago

Really, I was actually hoping that Sega would be *against* this sort of practice so it's sort of extra frustrating.

A few months back, we interviewed one of the producers of PSO2 for the site and (this was when we were speaking off-the-record so it didn't get into the published interview) he had mentioned how he didn't like that sort of practice, and how the company itself was trying to avoid sketchy stuff like that in order to keep fans, not look slimy, etc... And then they go and pull this with one of their oldest series.

Damn, Sega. Just "damn".

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