Charlie Hebdo, an italian newspaper says terrorists are emulating GTA V

Corriere della Sera, one of the top italian newspapers, says that the terrorists responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo are emulating the aesthetic of GTA V.

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Septic1274d ago

" "It is not by chance that the jihadist sympathizers have created their own version of GTA to attract would-be recruits."

The stupidity of the media never fails to astound me.

1274d ago
Yi-Long1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Obviously, if GTA hadn't existed, the terrorists would have attacked Charlie Hebdo by throwing Little Ponies at their victims, or stabbing them with a Snickers bar...(!)


3-4-51273d ago

* No Terrorist attack ever happened before GTA was released.........riiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiight,

Malice-Flare1274d ago

of course, there will always be that one guy...

bouzebbal1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

here we go again..
every smart person would have realized that attack was a hoax. the policeman taking an ak47 shot in the head without a single drop of blood. i mean come on!
The guy at the store surviving a plethora of bullets and a grenade in the face makes no sense either.

EDIT: but yeah, that thing was so badly scripted that it reminded me of a lame ass AI from a game. (just check the way the 2 guys are running)

sephiroth4201274d ago

init you dont miss someones head from that close unless you dont want to hit them, lol and the guys gettting away at 2mph not very believable.

bouzebbal1273d ago

there 2 possibilities here that both lead to the same conclusion:

1- he misses him on purpose and the policeman pretends to be dead
2- he really shot him but in this case where is the blood?

they stop the car in a marked place, the cameraman was there waiting, running from white spot to another, "shoot" the cop and keeps running in the defined line before getting back to the car slowly..

@Septic: hhhhhhhhhhhhh you troll

Septic1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

" but yeah, that thing was so badly scripted that it reminded me of a lame ass AI from a game. (just check the way the 2 guys are running)"

Yeah but their driving wasn't bad so they are automatically better than the A.I in Driveclub. Just kiddin folks!

animegamingnerd1274d ago

this is basically me whenever i see the media talk about violence's and trying to link to any entertainment mediums

GokuSolosAll1274d ago

Sure, blame a game for Islamic terror reaching back before even the existence of film.

Septic1274d ago

"Islamic terror reaching back before even the existence of film."

Really? Some people really haven't got a clue do they?

Raziology1273d ago

You have no idea what Islam is do you? Obviously your main source of information is channels like CNN or BBC.
Taking a math course, but failing it doesn't make you a mathematician. So, being raised in a Muslim family doesn't necessarily make you a Muslim. All of these so-called Jihadists are nothing but uneducated fools who were brainwashed by a myriad of foreign intelligence to serve foreign agendas. Real Muslims denounce similar barbaric actions.


It's really sad then that most of them are not as vocal as you. Maybe if they were those uneducated fools that are being brainwashed would be less influenced by "foreign intelligence".

Raziology1273d ago

This is a historical trend: Those who kill and slaughter get so much more attention than those spreading peace. I'm an activist myself and I try my best to reason with them, but they are too brainwashed to listen.

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The story is too old to be commented.