Hot Girls Coming in 2015 Will Surely Charge your Batteries

Here is the list of hot girls coming in 2015 will surely charge you’re batteries.

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Stupid973d ago

Kitana and Helena are hot but don't want to charge my batteries :p

RickyLee973d ago

Yes Kitana Helena and tina are hotties and i really want to charge my battery by these girls

BabuBila973d ago

Uppps my batteries Charge already after seeing them all

DanZeeMan973d ago

If virtual titty's get you going....

You need to stop being this guy

973d ago
PoSTedUP973d ago

ima sex addict i get off on everything. videogames, porn, poke'mon cards, u name it.

insomnium2973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Same here. Always have, always will. Hell I even bought RE6 after seeing how Ada crawl in that game. I got Moster Monpiece for Vita and then was surprized that hey this is actually a good game. Story sh*t, game mechanics great, naked skin priceless. Need I go on?

I can tell you for a fact that life would be much MUCH easier without a libido this huge/needy. There is no way my wife could keep up with me. I don't cheat though and we do have 3 kids together so....

PoSTedUP973d ago

loool. i know right, sometimes it deff sucks (sucks..). idk how you do it tho; the only reason i never cheated on a girl is because i never stay with them, im lazy when it comes to committing and really all i wanna do is ****. maybe one day ill man up and stop being that "asshole". i deff want kids someday, i think ill be a good dad. XD.

weirdo973d ago

no thanks, bottom plunge only pls