Apple patents a pop-up joystick built in iPhone's Home button

This stick registered by apple for iPhone's Home button could be something interesting for gamers.

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No_Limit1221d ago

Doesn't matter if the Home Button is an analog stick, it is still missing tactile buttons that is an essential part of gaming. A sliding or foldiing controlpad would be a better option for gaming on phones.

Soldierone1221d ago

Sony went there already and nobody bought it. I loved it, but it was never supported. (It was still hard to play some games though because the analog was still just touch)

hkgamer1220d ago

sony didnt really put much effort on it and at that time it was still sony ericsson. they could have continued with a line of phones that had buttons but they were also conflicted with their next portable device which was the vita.

i personally think that sony should release a $100 attachment device to a mobile phone that turns it into a psvita.

sungam3d1220d ago

You should check out Tactus.
Touch screen technology where buttons actually 'pop up' out of the screen for that tactile feel.

It's pretty neat

dillydadally1221d ago

This isn't a gaming stick. This is because Apple has to add back functionality like android has now that they have larger phones. You can't reach the back button in the top left on a six inch phone, and that's a major design problem. This is possibly their solution.

I assume left will be back, right will be forward, down will be notifications, up control center - something along those lines.

If we're lucky, developers will be be able to use it in games, but then how would they go back or home in the game?

prodg521221d ago

Actually you can reach the top easy, just tap the home button twice and the screen moves down.

Maxor1220d ago

That is a half assed solution. So in order to interface with my device properly I need to reduce the work space in half? It's something Samsung would've done, not a company like Apple. The truth is that Apple simply do not have the right OS for this screen size, so right now this incredibly lame short cut will have to do.

dillydadally1221d ago

This is why I hate what Apple has done to patent laws. What's novel about this idea? Controllers have had buttons combined with joysticks for ages. I've had other types of devices that had similar features. Yet, I'll bet apple is still awarded this patent.

KilKarazy1220d ago

Case maker's nightmare.