Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and 5 Times Saints Row Did a Better Job Than GTA

Outside Xbox: Saints Row might have started in 2006 as a tacky Grand Theft Auto rip-off, but in the nine years since it's found a voice of its own, with ever sillier stories and a nice line in cheeky videogame parody. We're not saying it's better than GTA, but it beats its big-budget progenitor on number of counts; discover which in Show of the Week, featuring Saints Row IV 'expandalone' Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.

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ZombieKiller1216d ago

You mean like going to hell and kicking people in the nuts? No shit. GTA doesn't have that stuff so why is it even compared?

I feel like as this game stretches further and further away from reality and more into bizzaro world, people compare it more and more to GTA like we're talking about Coke vs. Pepsi.

How about this one?

10,000 things GTA does way better than all the Saints Row games.

I'll even help you with the first:

1) Sales.

Then again....outside xbox.

strauser3601216d ago

dont forget the AMAZING yoga minigame in [email protected]!! SO GLAD WE PAYED FOR THAT LARD.

nowitzki20041216d ago

You got a lot more than just a yoga game though, didn't you?

LightDiego1216d ago

Because that's the only feature of GTA, right? These fanboys of SR try too hard to be funny, just like the game itself. GTA it's in another league, just like Rockstar, every game from the series it's special and unique, not just expensive dlcs just like SR4.

ZombieKiller1216d ago

If all you can find to do in GTA is yoga, you must be a blast at a real party.

strauser3601214d ago

the whole game is full of bullshit minigames, and if you think im bashing gta for some professed love for SR than your out of your mind I would play gta any day over saints row. its just that, gta tries too hard to be satirical and comes off as juvenile. other than that the game is average.

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iNFAMOUZ11216d ago

The first saints row will always be the best, god knows why they strayed away from that formula.........they could have stuck with a semi real look and gone full gangs vs gangs

Snookies121216d ago

I prefer Saints Row 2, but after that they started going way too overboard with stuff.


That's the strange thing you know..

The first Saints Row was the most blatant rip-off of GTA at the time, Yet I enjoyed it way more as a rip-off then what it has become now.

I still love GTA way more though, but as SR goes, I agree the first was the best.

WeAreLegion1216d ago

I didn't like the first two, but that's probably because I don't care about gangs. So, they bored me. The Third and IV are basically parodies of the video game industry.

nowitzki20041216d ago

Yeah because it was fresh and you had high hopes for its future. Then they ruined it.

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Eiffel1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

One thing I liked from Saints Row IV was being able to listen to music on foot, which also followed onto Watch Dogs. Would like to see something like that for GTA in the future, maybe pulling up your phone with your character popping in earbuds for that immersion.

ZombieKiller1216d ago

You can keep the music constantly playing in GTA V in settings. That would be a really cool feature though. I'd love to see my character pop in headphones.

You should also be able to implement your own soundtrack through the social club. Choose which tracks go to which station then when you get in a car, it starts that specific playlist according to the radio station and lineup.

WeAreLegion1216d ago

I definitely like Saint's Row The Third and IV more than the first two.

DragoonsScaleLegends1216d ago

Screw the haters Saints Row 3 is awesome and it's dlc Saints Row 4 is even more awesome.

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