Grandia III And Dual Hearts Added To PS2 Classics In Japan

Square Enix re-released Grandia III, the last console game in the Grandia RPG series, as a PS2 Classic in Japan. Yuki’s adventure costs 1,200 yen on PlayStation 3.

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Relientk771342d ago

Damn man we need Grandia 4 on PS4

Godmars2901342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

We need good, well written stories and characters as well as improved gameplay, titles before we can get specific.

Hell, come to think of it we need PS2 "classics" migrated over to the PS4. Though I fear/expect they'll be offered through PSNow rather than just being downloads.

bouzebbal1342d ago

Grandia 3 is one of my favorite RPGs on PS2 with the best battle system in any RPG. You can end a well planed fight without taking any damage. Genious
I wish they gave us an HD remaster instead.

josephayal1342d ago

agree with u, your words really touch my heart

bouzebbal1342d ago

haha thanks bro, some great memories and flashbacks happened at the moment i read the title.

PoSTedUP1342d ago

the first one is like that too and one of my all time favs. i still havent played #2 but have been looking on Ebay for a copy.

bouzebbal1342d ago

i still remember Grandia and Sakura Taisen on Saturn haha.. never got to play Grandia 1 but i didnt miss G2 on Dreamcast.
really hoping these series make it back in full scale.

PoSTedUP1342d ago

man, u gotta play the first one, its really epic. im talking amazing-epic. its on the PSstore for six bucks, you'll feel like a million while playing it, hah.

kalkano1341d ago

Grandia 2 is the best of the series. You need to play it.

PoSTedUP1341d ago

i kno ive heard really good things about it. im tryning to get my hands on a copy asap. gonna finish the Jak n Dak trilogy first, just started it. mmm nomstalgia.

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Nerdmaster1342d ago

Too bad that Grandia 3 is the weakest in the series...

kevnb1342d ago

The sad part is when you run cfw you can turn nearly any ps2 game into a ps2 classic... Non bc compatible PS3 systems are actually in fact incapable because Sony locked them off.