Project CARS Start Your Engines trailer Reminiscent of GT6 Trailer

Everyone's probably been through the amazing trailer a countless times already. But did anyone notice the similarity with the Gran Turismo 6 trailer of the same name. This is probably intentional seeing as how Slightly Mad Studios believe the game will surpass existing console Sim Kings.

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ThrowingDigitalSheep1219d ago

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SonyWarrior1219d ago

GT6 trailer was epic way better then PC new trailer. I would not compare the same trailer yes they both have cars in them racing but thats it.

ThrowingDigitalSheep1219d ago

One thing we can be certain of: The engines in-game will sound just like they do in the trailer, or perhaps even better in the case of Project CARS.

Moldiver1219d ago

Yeah GT does need new engine sounds.

That said even though PCars will have better visuals than Gt6. I still like that GT6 trailer more.Just the way it was put together. Better camera angles. Really dramatic sweeps a certain softness and warmth to the lighting (in the trailer). And I like that rock song in the GT6 trailer more. just feels more fitting. If Pcars went with some dubstep or something that would be cool, but I think thats forzas choice of music at the moment. but we are talking just trailers here and I think the GT6 one is more sexy.

That is in no way a reflection on Pcars gameplay, which, I hear is excellent. As a fan of forza and GT I welcome Pcars into the console sim racer realm. And even WiiU owners get it jion in. I dont even onw a WiiU and I am glad they are getting a proper sim style racer on their console. For the sake of wii owners. If Pcars is as good as forza or GT, then its a racer that can be played for years. And given the scarcity of this kind of racer on nintendo, that gives this game a clean shot at a long standing userbase, on that platform that will remain uncontested. For the rest of us, it gives us a quality, in depth sim to play in between forzas and GTs. Looking forward to picking this up. Hoping to finish up FM 5 before it comes out. I can play FH2 alongside it, but two sims at the same time is a bit much! lol too much tuning and laptimes to smash. Better to pace your self and take on one sim at a time.

so from the looks of things over the next few years for me:


FH2/Pcars for spring summer autumn. Should have finished FH2 by then and closing up single player PCars, modes.

FM6=fall 2015.along with FH2 and Pcars multiplayers Will keep me occupied till GT7. Probably pick up DC along the way, again too. I know its improved since I returned it, so maybe its worth a revisit...

ThrowingDigitalSheep1217d ago

This is the LAST WEEK where you get to send in your questions to the PCARS team: http://throwingdigitalsheep...

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