The Oldest Game - A Game About Sex Workers

MWEB GameZone writes: The Oldest Game will confront people to think beyond their comfort zone. Perhaps it will challenge people to think about something that they've never had before.

But most of all, The Oldest Game will give us a glimpse into the troubled hearts of a group of people that most consider not worthy to think about - now that is extraordinary.

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lord zaid1220d ago

I expect accusations of "SJW" to be thrown at the developers any minute now.

plut0nash1220d ago

The Oldest Game for the Oldest Profession :P

HanCilliers1220d ago

I don't think you read the article. It's an exceptional game and worthy of support.

HoldenZA1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I think this was a great idea! Its execution, however, seems a bit poor. Taking a look at the trailer, it seemed a bit too depressing to play.

I understand that the game is trying to convey a message and shed light on a rather harsh and overlooked 'industry' BUT being a game, it has to make me want to play it...

Oldest Game has sadly fallen at the first hurdle for me.

HanCilliers1220d ago

I love it when a game is NOT about good graphics. Games like To The Moon was a hit because of its story and ability to draw the player into the conversation.

Just saying

HoldenZA1220d ago

Really not about graphics at all. Like I said the trailer looked depressing, and that is where I lost interest. As compelling as the article was, I don't think this game is for me.

Side note: The graphics mean very little, I love a game with a great story but this particular story didn't appeal to me unfortunately. Even though I can see the warrants of it being told.

SonZeRo1220d ago

"I think this was a great idea! Its execution, however, seems a bit poor. Taking a look at the trailer, it seemed a bit too depressing to play. " I think this is the point as i can't imagine sex workers having very happy lives, unless its one of those ultra controlled with only wealthy clients places.

dredgewalker1220d ago

I agree with Holden, games are supposed to be fun to play. We play games to amuse ourselves and temporarily escape our reality. A movie or documentary would be a more suitable medium to deliver the message that this game is trying to deliver. I think it's rather insensitive to turn this kind of subject into a game.

SmoothC9111220d ago


But honestly, how many people would be able to feel empathy watching a documentary? I admire the direction they'd like to head into with this game, getting people thinking, but admittedly execution looks awkward in that trailer. Then again, let's consider that who is developing this doesn't have a ton of resources, and are trying to be creative. At least they've got us talking about this, right? :)

Sketchy_Galore1220d ago

Let me guess, there'll be a lot of guilt trip laid on me as the player for the consequences of decisions made freely by adults that I've had absolutely nothing to do with.

HanCilliers1220d ago

I don't think so. What I've read about the game so far is very authentic to the sex worker trade. It seems less about "guilt" and more about understanding