10 Cheesy Resident Evil Lines They Rewrote for the Remake

Outside Xbox: The original Resident Evil is famed for its eccentric voice acting and cheesy lines. When the game was remade for the Gamecube in 2002, the script was rewritten to make it sound marginally more natural. We get these new lines in the 2015 version of the game, Resident Evil HD Remaster, since it is an HD spitshine of that Gamecube remake.

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WESKER20151220d ago

Master Of Unlocking, Jill Samich, brilliant.

Kurylo3d1220d ago

whats brilliant is how u spelled sandwich

mdfk791220d ago

moe from the simpsons "he's a hungry fighter, he's fighting for a sammich" lol

iceman061220d ago

Yes sir!!! The greatest RE line of all times!!! LOL