Uncharted 4 Dev: Ultimate Development Goal Is To Get Best Game In Players Hands, Not Best Animations

Naughty Dog's Jonathan Cooper speaks out on animations in games and how animation isn't the focal point of a game. He also mentions shipping Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

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ShugaCane1217d ago

Well the animations featured in the demo are pretty terrific for a pre alpha build, so I guess they're setting the bar pretty high. I'm sure they'll manage to bring the best out of every department, as they always do.

chrish19901217d ago

That was pre-alpha? The reveal gameplay? Damn, that's bloody impressive. I thought it was an early build, but not THAT early.

itBourne1217d ago

Watched an in depth analysis, and wholy shit, so much I missed at first watch. (granite I was at the PlayStation Experience watching a screen on stage), but that detail is insane. Water running over Nate's hair, then water dispersing as he punches the guy. And so much more, lets jst say my jaw dropped even more when I seen and noticed all the fine details.

Eonjay1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Title is very misleading. His comment was in reference to animating female characters and is a retort against Ubisoft's claims about female assassins. The author then turns around and attempts to make it about Uncharted and graphics over ganeplay... basically saying that Uncharted looks to good to have good gameplay.

Why can't we keep clear straightforward comments in context? That is a hell of a spin. Not best animations refers to the fact that Ubisoft is claiming females are too expensive to properly animate... which is straight bull.

chrish19901217d ago

No, you'll find the entire article is about animation, uncharted is only mentioned in the context of pondering whether the developer will adhere to his philosophies with Uncharted 4.

Eonjay1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

No the comments were specific about animating females. And specifically their movements. How does on get from character rigging to postulating about Uncharted's "shine graphics" diminishing gameplay?

The logical connection isn't there. It is forced narrative produced by taking comments out of context. He is simply saying that ultra real/expensive animations aren't necessary to animate females.

Relientk771217d ago

Well it looked awesome at PlayStation Experience. I am beyond excited for it.

Rimeskeem1217d ago

It's insane to realize the gameplay they showed was pre-alpha.

Vandamme211217d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again...I cannot wait for this game.

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