The Hum: Abductions Confirmed for PC & PlayStation 4

Thotwise Games has today revealed new details on their latest project, The Hum: Abductions, formerly known as The Hum: Abduction Chambers. Based in the same universe as the studios’ premiere virtual reality (VR) title, The Hum, The Hum: Abductions is currently in development for both PC and PlayStation 4 formats and will launch as a virtual reality (VR) compatible experience.

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ILLINOIS1274d ago

If done right this could be a cool game. Will have to see a lot more though.

1274d ago
THC CELL1274d ago

do like the look of this, and the more i see games like this the more vr will be amazing spec with gta and PT

BC_Master_Haze1268d ago

Silent Hills*

P.T. Was a playable tease, and will never have VR support.

The_Sage1274d ago

Yep... Makes me want to go home and replay PT.