Mortal Kombat X will reign supreme at EVO 2015

The Eccentric Gamer writes: "Mortal Kombat X will be at the annual fighting game tournament EVO 2015 as one of the two yet unreleased titles, the other one being Tekken 7.

The tournament will in all likelihood set the tone for which fighting game will reign supreme. Which Mortal Kombat X will subsequently win in our opinion."

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Sillicur1309d ago

I think Tekken 7 might have the upper hand! But that is just me. Still love MKX though

CptEccentric1309d ago

No way MK X just looks so much better, well thats just my opinion :)


Not attempting to discredit tekken in any way whatsoever, but i feel like the hype for mortal kombat x is just too high at this point. Like every netherrealm game it has its nay-sayers, but i feel like a lot of people are really enjoying what theyve seen so far. Dare i say, more than the little weve seen from tekken 7 and sf5. Its definitely the most hyped fighting game of the year with the casual crowd at this point. Hopefully that translates to more hype (and respect) within the FGC as well.

Mortal kombat x looks 10 times as fluid and fast paced as its 2011 predecessor. Ill be a monkeys uncle if the game doesnt receive universal acclaim. Game of the year contender in my eyes. Cannot wait.

Majin-vegeta1309d ago

Who cares just shower me with Fighting goodness.

*coughSNKcough*A new KOF wouldnt hurt on PS4.

Wonder if Capcom will reveal a new character for SF5 or give us more info on Charlie?

CptEccentric1309d ago

Indeed the more fighting goodness the better! I just think Mortal Kombat X will set the tone at the EVO 2015 event.

I hope Capcom reveals some more details soon man, cant wait !

Audiggity1309d ago

This is awesome. Wish we could get up a demo up in herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

CptEccentric1309d ago

Indeed it is awesome :) A demo of what? MK X? ::)

Audiggity1308d ago

Yes please!

Make it so.


GokuSolosAll1309d ago

Hopefully Melee returns. SSB4 at least.

CptEccentric1309d ago

Melee is in! So it is back bro :) hehe, there are 2 SSB tournies

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The story is too old to be commented.