Why Would You Pay for Early Access to Free-To-Play Games?

Gamers never cease to amaze, with their ability to think the gaming industry owes them everything yet are willing to throw money away on not only useless stuff, but buying games that are not finished and when they are finished, are free-to-play.

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Wizard_King1157d ago

This one doesn't make a lot of sense. I have watched a ton of lets plays and asked the opinions of Steam friends that have purchased it. I don't think it looks worth any money and none of my friends seems to like it. The pay to win air drops ruin it IMO and no matter what people say about how you "might" loose it, no one ever seems to, it practically drops on your head.

So SOE is asking a fee from you to BETA test their P2W game that they will (maybe) release for free in 1.0. But still with the same and maybe more P2W drops etc.

I'm really disappointed as this one was heavy on my radar since DayZ standalone has gone snail pace development. But now I don't think I'll even get it if it was for free, I hate games that have any P2W elements no matter how discreet. The fun of DayZ and the Epoch mods etc. was that you started with nothing and had to scrounge your way up to the top. The servers that had "donation" spawn kits where also fairly dodgy and didn't do well in the long run when half the server spawned with M107's.

If people still had the ability to just call in air drops there must be enough civilized infrastructure around that the zombie outbreak may as well not be happening. It ruins balanced game play and the immersion in the zombie ravaged world.

Graphics and crafting are pretty cool. But yeah my interest has gone from 10/10 to 4.5/10.

Heyxyz1157d ago

Because most gamers are misinformed?

iNFAMOUZ11157d ago

for the early access durr

andibandit1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

hmm a mystery indeed,
no way, it could be to get early access to a game.