AC: Unity latest addon released – New missions, weapons and gear

The Eccentric Gamer Writes: "A new addon for AC: Unity has just been launched . The next addon for AC: Unity called Secrets of the Revolution, is priced at $6,99 and offers quite a few additions.

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Sillicur1344d ago

I wonder if people are still playing this game? Its been going for very cheap lately so probably!

CptEccentric1344d ago

Very cheap, i will get it when all the bugs are finally squashed.

George Sears1344d ago

Game is worth it. They are a few bugs here and there but nothing huge nor game breaking. I'm generally playing online Club competitions with friends and having a blast so far. If you got friends that play this game and are into Club competitions like we are, believe me you will have a good time.

aPerson1344d ago

The bugs are mostly gone now. I'm playing on the PS4 version and the only major bug I've encountered in 40+ hours of playtime was being unable to move after closing some of the pop-ups. This has happened twice; one after trying to open one of the Nomad chests and another during a side mission. I was able to "fix" it by fast travelling.

I wish there was a bit more variety with the missions and the new combat system needs a lot of work, but overall it's a fun game.

lemoncake1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I wasn't going to bother with this game but then I saw it at just over £12 on x1 so i went for it, at that price it's well worth it. Only had a major bug once so far which was same as aPerson above.

George Sears1344d ago

I think you can get most of these by using your Uplay reward points. Last time I checked the Killed by Science mission cost 50 Points which is great because it used to be 500 when the game released. The armor and weapons are crap so I wouldn't really bother spending money nor Uplay points on them.

CptEccentric1344d ago

Oh that is some excellent news thank you for letting me know, very interesting!

CptEccentric1344d ago

Yarrr, Ubi still milking the fans with their hot mess of a game

dreamed1343d ago

Hang on it said "chemical revolution" i got that with the pre order.....typical ubi

So these missions are just side missions then...omg come on ubi your not even trying anymore.

I understand your own mistakes bit you bad,but this just reeks of a loss of intrest imo.

snookiegamer1343d ago

I waited until after the holidays to get AC Unity, and it's one of the best yet! ...Probably not as good as Black Flag technically, but AC Unity is doing a ton more stuff on screen, plus I totally love the history of the French Revolution.

AC Unity is as much an experience as it is a game. Honestly, I was one of those bitterly disappointed with the severely broken launch across all platforms, and it's still far from perfect today. But, I would totally recommend AC Unity to anyone post patch 4 ;)

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