Uncharted 4's "Openness" Could Result In Technical Flaws

Naughty Dog talks about how the upcoming sequel is more open and there isn't one "golden path" players have to stick to. Does it open a can of worms?

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DarkOcelet1276d ago

I am pretty sure they will balance it right. Why are we mentioning Assassins Creed here? Ubisoft releases the game on a yearly bases to make as much profit as they can and Unity proved it with is disastrous bugs, but ND takes their time crafting a masterpiece and make sure we get the best possible product they can deliver and i am pretty sure it will be amazing.

Metallox1276d ago

Assassin's Creed Unity has nothing to do with that, it's a completely open world game, so it's in a different category.

Uncharted 4 will have a certain "openess", but it's not that kind of openess either It's just like in the Splinter Cell series, which is the first thing that comes to my mind, which is a good thing and I love to hear it, I love when games do this.

Having that said, Naughty Dog's new game is not going to be very different from previous entries, so there isn't absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Ballsack1276d ago

Lol and the trend continues

ANY AAA ps4 exclusive lets try to make speculation in a negative way...even though the game isnt out for a long while yet...the bloodborne being too easy (though the devs clearly stated it was dumbed down for demo purposes)article shows the depth of retardness these sites will go to for hits when it comes to ps4 games

So thats the order,bloodborne and now un uncharted.... There will be more folks dont worry

Rimeskeem1276d ago

Does it open a can of worms?

If by that you mean a can of delicious gummy worms then yes.

i read the article and it does have a couple good points but i think TLOU showed us that ND is capable of doing a more open linear approach

BitbyDeath1276d ago

"Assassin's Creed can run into problems because the environment is so huge and open."

They also run into problems cause Ubisoft.

Malice-Flare1276d ago

i don't think the openness was what lead to the flaws in Unity, it was the myriad amount of scripting needed to run the NPC crowds in that large environment that can complicate things. Uncharted only needs to mooks to script in the open environment...

BABY-JEDI1276d ago

They had to rebuild their game engine for this current gen. Deadlines were too tight to compensate for QC

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The story is too old to be commented.