Gamers Like to Live in Imaginary Worlds

CheatCC says - "Let me tell you about a land that a lot of gamers live in. I call it the land of sunshine and lollipops. This is a land of willfully not understanding. In harsher terms, it’s a land of ignorance. It’s the land you live in when you don’t really understand how a game works, nor do you really want to understand how it works."

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DarkOcelet1279d ago

That was an excellent article, but i have to disagree with one thing, when you forget a game that you havent played for quite a while, say 5 years or something, nostalgia hits you and you start loving it again like you did the first time, i played MGS 1 yesterday, its been 5 years since i played it and boy it felt really awesome and one thing that can actually makes games interesting again is when you find something that you have never found before or discover something crazy by accident, it adds a new depth to the game in a way you couldn't imagine. Like Dark Souls for instance, i didnt know that you can cut the tails of some bosses, invisible walls, new bosses that i missed and found out about it on my second playthrough. I created new weapons / fought new enemies/ found new items, it just felt like a different game entirely.

All i can say, everything in this life has to lose its spark until one day we realise how amazing that spark was and wish we could experience it again. Life is amazing when we work hard to get the best out of it, enjoying life is what i do even if it means living in an imaginary world.

Godmars2901279d ago

Meh. And yet Square is touting FF15 as "A Game Based on Reality".