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There should be a different scale for remakes. Rating it on how good it is is stupid, since usually the game being remade is good. You have to judge the re-release based on how much it makes you lose faith in the industry. Shameless add-nothing installments like this are just sad.

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FullmetalRoyale1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Yeah, this isn't pretentious at all.

They have every right to voice their opinion, just as I do. This comes off as parody.

DarXyde1305d ago

I thought I was the only one to notice the jiggle physics haha.

That aside, I'm actually having a great time with the game. It's definitely a shallow update over the GameCube version, but one should also consider that this version is now available on platforms that aren't associated with Nintendo. I beat the GC version to death and got through the One Dangerous Zombie and Invisible Zombie modes with the rocket launcher and samurai edge unlocked, but that was so long ago that I remember virtually nothing about where to find anything. I'm having a lot of fun rediscovering this game.

Overall, I can't say I agree with the review. "soulless" remaster or not, it's not like this game was released in recent memory.

This was 12-13 years ago...

NiteX1305d ago

Whoa this guy sounds so identical to my cousin it's scary. He has the EXACT same thoughts about it. Even bitched about the jiggling breasts catering to children lol.

calvincrack1305d ago

This review is dog shit, in my opinion. Is it the definitive edition of the game? Yes. Are all the new things optional? Yes. When you buy it on steam, will you always have it? Yes. Wtf does this guy want

dreamed1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

He probably wants some next gen games,not ANOTHER feckin remaster....why did we all bother with next gen when every game on it came out yrs ago or is just a cross gen game which looks almost the same on last gen hardware.

Biggest regret of 2014 was buying into this so called "next gen"......its been a bad joke so far,what with every game basically fu#ked on launch too.