Anterex to Bring 2D Side Scrolling Transforming Robot Shooting Fun to Sega Genesis

Carl Williams writes, "Ah, the Super Nintendo seems to be getting all of the love lately, doesn’t it? Shadowhawk is getting a release by Rose Colored Gaming and Collectorvision are continuing onward with Justice Beaver, just to name a couple of new games. An independent developer called 1985 Alternativo have something to say about the fact that the Sega Genesis still has plenty of life left in it. 1985 Alternativo have even released a video that shows off Antarex."

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Godmars2901304d ago

Would love to see this made with tools from the 90' or 01'. Pre-HD.

triverse1304d ago

Considering this is going to be a title that will run on the actual hardware then it is probably going to definitely not be HD.