Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Review | CheatCC

CheatCC says - "I have to preface this with a disclaimer. I am a huge Saints Row fan. But be that as it may, I had to really put my inner fanboy aside as I played through this next-gen update to Saints Row IV. I won’t lie to you. I was a little more than excited to find out that I was going to be reviewing this game. Ever since I traded up from the PS3 to my PS4, I have often felt a little sad that I couldn’t get up with my homies and go raise some hell in Steelport. But now that it’s finally available for play on the PS4 and Xbox One, I really had high hopes for what I would see. But tragically, I was a little let down by the apparent lack of concern for what fans might think. Did they really think that a rehashed version, booted up to the PS4 and Xbox One would satisfy us? Well, my answer is… sort of."

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