Club Nintendo - Why's it ending and What's replacing it?

Nintendo is ending the Club Nintendo service soon and replacing it with another service, but why? And what will the new service entail? Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast has some answers for you.

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RosweeSon1215d ago

Change is good and whilst I don't mind there being a more streamlined service worldwide or all territories get a similar service ie downloadable games for Europe as a lot seem to want them as long as they still have a cool gifts which people may moan are few and far between but they are normally over 5000 stars (In UK- 200-250 a game) and unless your buying a load of games you won't have enough stars to buy everything anyway but I have managed to secure some really cool and rare items through this service so I hope that continues alongside whatever else they have planned, at the end of the day they never needed to do this anyway it's just always been a nice bonus to get something back for all the purchases over the years... As for free gifts A SNES styled Wii classic controller, all 6 of the mario kart club nintendo statues, yoshi back pack and plush/teddy more recently, years ago I was offered the chance similar to these new 3ds ambassador versions I was offered an early Ds when they launched VIP edition and came with mario and demos of metroid hunters and wario think it was, also got a cool Game and watch (Ball) machine and loads of other bits and bobs some better than others sure and then Japan got the Golden Nunchuck's ever seen them in the shops? I'd take rare limited edition and really cool stuff over digital games any day of the week but that's just me and if there's the option for both then great. Me personally just don't see the point of saving up all these hard earned points just to trade them in for something I could have just bought either in store or through e-shop, grab a collectable it'll most likely go up in value and is worth actual money over a digital game that may well be great for a while but then you can't sell it on, luckily nintendo don't really make games to sell on tho just bangers and keepers that you'll be happy to play in years to come, but yeah cool retro and gsming merchandise for me please.

MSBAUSTX1215d ago

Dude....use commas please.

deafdani1215d ago

I saw at least THREE commas on the dude's post, don't lie!


animegamingnerd1215d ago

what i think is replacing Club Nintendo is gonna be a subscription service to have access to virtual console games on Wii U and 3DS and discounts on all first party digital games and once a while a free first party digital game

gerbwmu1215d ago

That's not really a rewards or loyalty program though?

A lot of people are suggesting this and I'm not against it as long as it isn't mandatory but I do want something along the lines of Club Nintendo that offers rewards to those who continually support Nintendo.

I'm hoping for something along the lines of the DDP promotion where you get points based on purchases and can turn that into eShop Credit to be used for whatever you want.

Canary1215d ago

General speculation seems to be leaning toward some kind of CN/DD hybrid with (and this is probably just the result of an overabundance of optimism) a unified account system.

IE the NNIDs become a reward system where you're granted small discounts or rebates on games based on how much you purchase. IE if you spend $50 in the eShop, you may get $5 back (DD) or when you reach "X status" you get a flat discount of 5% or something on all future purchases.


Also worth noting is that Nintendo made some waves last year with Wind Waker releasing digitally early. One thing the new rewards program could offer may be allowing members to purchase digital games prior to their release dates. This probably won't happen because, even though it would be hugely profitable for Nintendo and developers, it would piss off retailers.

Haki11121215d ago

Hey if it's a knock off PS Plus that gives me earthbound and a bunch of other retro and wii u games sign me up

AKR1215d ago

Considering how many times Sony has knocked off Nintendo; it wouldn't be too wrong for them to introduce something along lines of "Nintendo Plus".

I'm kidding, but seriously. It doesn't really matter. A lot of rewards programs from all sorts of different sources are similar in one way or another.

randomass1711215d ago

Dude if Nintendo copied PS Plus I'd think that would be a great upgrade! PS Plus is pretty awesome! xD