New weapons revealed on official Splatoon blog

Nintendo have hit upon the perfect way to build hype. Splatoon (and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U before it) has its own blog, dedicated to posting daily art or new information about the game. While there has been no major information reveal since the Nintendo Direct a week ago, new information has been slowly trickling out of this daily blog. Two new pieces of information that were revealed today and yesterday are two new weapon types that will be equippable.

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kwandar1059d ago

Love this. I'm just hoping that teammates are provided a means to communicate.

Xorglord1059d ago

Apparently they're fully integrating voice chat!

Septic1058d ago

Nice one. This game will require communication.

I can't wait for this man.

kwandar1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Very nice - thank you!!! :) Bubble to you :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1059d ago

I'm really digging how creative they've gotten with this game.
It's unlike any shooter I've ever seen before, and coming from someone that's been with the gaming industry since the inception of home consoles themselves, that's saying a lot...

Metallox1059d ago

It's not surprising. Devs seem to be putting a lot of effort in customization, a la Animal Crossing, which may introduce a lot of variety in this game. I really like that.

The only thng I don't like it's the visuals, they are kinda tired to me.