Resident Evil HD Remaster Review – Itchy. Tasty. | The Koalition

Resident Evil has surely left its mark as one of the founding fathers of the survival horror genre of video games. Inspired by the legendary 3D survival horror game “Alone in the Dark,” it drew players into a frightening world full of the undead and nightmarish mutant monstrosities, (which funnily enough, lost their appeal when coupled together with the hilariously bad voice acting of the characters.) Resources would be scarce, the abominations would be numerous and you’ll have to use your wits as well as your will to survive.

Since then, the series has manifested from a subtle, atmospheric experience, to an action-packed shooting frenzy. While many have welcomed the change to the series, others still wish to experience the chilling and haunting horror of the earlier RE games. Now fans of the series can do just that, with the re-release of the remake of the original Resident Evil which was released on Nintendo Gamecube in 2002, now complete with a host of visual improvements bringing it to this generation. It’s time to face your fears, find your courage and venture into the nightmare that is Resident Evil: HD Remaster

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