Jak II HD Remake 'Will Not Be A Full Game', Confirms Developer

While the gaming community has been buzzing the past several days after a fan showcased stunning video footage and screenshots from his CryEngine Jak II HD remake, it will be disappointed to learn that its creator has no plans to turn his "pet project" into a fully fledged game.

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Snookies121309d ago

I don't blame him, it would take ages to finish with just one person.

DarkOcelet1309d ago

He also said its because of license issues.

bmf73641309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Naughty Dog seems quite okay with it, actually.

If he wanted it to come to full light, he can release the source code of what he has finished and turn it into an Unreal Tournament-esque development with a dedicated community.

PoSTedUP1308d ago

id support this in hope he creates a team and starts his own platformer.

Owenza1309d ago

Such a shame. I can dream, though.

Yahdaree1308d ago

Its funny Evans wants to play... so do I!