Jumpy Cat removed from Wii U eShop due to stolen art assets

When Meme Run was first released, it had a lot of issues. Putting aside the game’s immediately juvenile nature, many users claimed that its art assets had been stolen from various places online. While no legal action was ever taken, it seems that Meme Run developer Ninja Pig Studios is up to their old tricks. Their latest game, Jumpy Cat has just been removed from the Wii U eShop due to having stolen art assets.

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Metallox1307d ago

There are many games that should be removed from the eShop, such as:

And the same "developers" are doing this all this garbage and are planning to release it this year.

You would think that Nintendo may want to have the best top-notch quality titles in their platform, but some of those games can't even top the worse shovelware titles from Wii.

All this situation is even worse when the content is not original. Simply pathetic.

Xorglord1307d ago

Very true. This game looks like it was made by following a default Unity tutorial, without adding any original content whatsoever. I love the WiiU and 3DS eShops, but I think the quality control needs to be improved a fair amount.

DragoonsScaleLegends1307d ago

These basic sprites... why couldn't he just make his own lol. I personally create my own pixel art for my projects and it's not that difficult to learn how either. It's definitely not hard when your just creating basic sprites like these but creating animation is still a challenge for me but nothing in this generic game should be lol.

mastershredder1307d ago

Crap template games. I would not call these guys "developers".

Step right up folks, with these amazing templates you too can become a mysterious and respected game developer. Don't worry, you don't need to know lick about game design, digital art, or even code, just swap the assets and press publish!