5 Wii Games That Should Be Digitally Released On The Wii U

In an interesting move, Nintendo have decided to re-release selected Wii games onto the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Here are some of the games that could make the grade.

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higgins781306d ago

Personally, my top Wii games to be released digitally via the Wii U would be rare or overly expensive retail titles, ones such as Metroid Trilogy (getting released at the end of this month) and Twilight Princess - Gamecube version, though I find the Wii version - with wide-screen and projectile motion controls - particularly satisfying. Place games back in the hands of the gamers and out of the grubby mitts of Gollum's alike.

bouzebbal1306d ago

Zak & Wiki would be great with Gamepad.

desolationstorm1306d ago

What a great under appreciated gem.

MeteorPanda1306d ago

Digital and Nintendo don't mix... No digital account so all your purchases are hardware bound.

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Drithe1306d ago

I think they should release every single rpg and srpg they ever made on the handheld consoles to the Wii U. I love playing Fire Emblem on my Wii U screen controller. Bring on Dragon Warrior 1-4!!!

Ravenheartzero1306d ago

Xenoblade and the last story, do it Nintendo!

DougLord1306d ago

WiiU isn't going to be getting many more games. The replacement is currently in testing. Not sure why N4G doesn't link to WCCFtech. Best hardware rumor site I've ever seen.

higgins781306d ago

Don't you know, even Sony and Microsoft will be working on its next gen console's...its called momentum. Working on and releasing however are worlds apart, as you well know. The Wii U - coupled with the PS4/XB1 - are relatively new, each have years and years more in the tank. Personally I can't wait to see the games released on the Wii U over the coming years, 2015 already looks incredible.

gangsta_red1306d ago

I think Nintendo are inclined to release there's much earlier, way earlier than a PS5 or the Nxt Xbox.

In fact I give the WiiU two more years tops before we see Nintendo unveiling their new console.

The WiiU just isn't selling the way Nintendo wants it too. Now, who knows, maybe that will change later, but looking at things now it doesn't look that way.

Besides we know that all companies are always working on the next thing even when they release something new to the public, but they never announce that they are like Nintendo did. Which makes me even more sure that they will release a new console very soon.