Stop insulting fans by double dipping with smoke-and-mirrors marketing


"After conducting an interview with 2K and Gearbox concerning Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and having my questions about the game’s inevitable release on current-gen either ignored or brushed aside, the announcement of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection today isn’t much of a surprise.

"I’m not mad, but I am disappointed. Actually, scratch that; I’m mad as hell."

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gangsta_red1156d ago

In my opinion this is definitely an insult and a scumbag move. Especially after all that garbage the guy said of concentrating on 360/PS3 and having no plans for next gen consoles.

I bought Pre-Sequel but brought it straight back as it was utter trash. Will stay far away from this cash grab scam.

SpaceFox1156d ago

I want to disagree but I can't. I didn't buy the Pre-Sequel but I can only imagine how pissed off the people who bought it (thinking it wouldn't come to current gen) are. After they blatantly said they had "no plans" for a current gen release, they announce a COLLECTION immediately after the game comes out.

Ridiculous. It would have been fine if the Pre-Sequel launched simultaneously on last and current gen, or if they had been straight forward. But this move comes off as deceptive and sleazy. Disappointed as I honestly love the work Gearbox does.

martinezjesus19931156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Im sorry but if you actually believed they were actually only focusing on last gen consoles you deserved what you got

sinjonezp1156d ago

Everything now is business strategy. With the ps4 and xb1,devs can use there base code, apply a resolution up grade, and tada!!! The definitive, handsome, or whatever devs slap on the box edition, charge full price. But the dev time and resource is minimal compared to pricing strategy, I think if devs keep this up, gamers may sit back and wait for a long time before they get everything for that sweet price spot. I get the business practice , but stop the saturation. Too many reso upgraded games and no true current gen content.

CaptainObvious8781155d ago

It's people like you that are a parasite on the industry.

DarkOcelet1156d ago

While i agree with you , but it was very obvious that they will bring it to current gen. Everyone knew that. And many people didnt buy the presequel because of that. More remasters are also ln they way to current gen, Batman Arkham trilogy,Bioshock trilogy, Gears trilogy, Mass effect trilogy and pretty much every single trilogy that was critically acclaimed. What the devs arent realizing is that 2015 is already packed with amazing games and people will probably pass on those remasters especially when it is close to release near a big game.

Xavior_Reigns1156d ago

Totally agree with you, I wanted to play The Presequel but passed on it because it was far too obvious. However the fact that the Handsome Collection lacks BL1 means I'll wait for some price drops. Like you said, 2015 is stacked, especially for multiplatform gamers. Also all collections should include ALL DLC, otherwise its pointless.

SaveFerris1155d ago

With those titles returning for PS4/XB1, is 2015 going to be the year of the remaster?

1156d ago
Fro_xoxo1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

lack of backward compatibility is an opportunity to re-sell majority of last-gen 'hits'.

Although, your favorite game could benefit from running and looking better on more a more resourceful hardware.

Most Importantly, It is absolutely optional. You can simply ignore the re-releases and not buy them.

brewin1156d ago

You cannot simply ignore it when the system makers are touting the amount of available games for the platform and 70 percent of them are cash grab rereleases, or better yet, re releases of rereleases. It sounds to me like devs and publishers were not ready for this generation. New and exciting titles drive install bases, not sightly enhanced, still broken games. Its a sickening trend, espeiclally considering how much shit people give Nintendo for making Mario and Zelda games. At least those arent literally the same damn games with slightly less fuzzy graphics. The industry is headed for another collapse because quality control is non existant and companies are proving their greed with excessive cash grabs.

Insomnia_841156d ago

Sounds like a message straight to Microsoft.

XiMasterChief1156d ago

It's for every developer including Sony and Nintendo.

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