Ori and The Blind Forest Will Bend Your Brain…or Break it

Little time remains between now and the March 11th release of Moon Studios’ platformer, Ori and the Blind Forest. But even after Microsoft allowed the press to explore a new area last week, much of its details are still shrouded in mystery. Information on the story is still particularly thin; basic questions still linger about Ori’s identity, the history of the forest he’s exploring, and why his fate is intertwined with it.

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Foehammer1339d ago

"Ori and the Blind Forest does seem poised to deliver the same kind of haunting, high-quality story found in the type of animated films it so resembles."

Looking good, and very fresh

1339d ago
BoNeSaW231339d ago

This looks like a magical piece of work!

I've never watched twitch or whole game playthroughs but I think I will for this little gem!

TedCruzsTaint1339d ago

Why not buy it then and experience it yourself?

BoNeSaW231339d ago

Not much of a PC gamer and I don't plan on getting a Xbox One for a long while. I've loved every video i've seen for it, challenging and as pretty as rayman origins or trine.