Digital Journal Review: Resident Evil HD is a return to the series origin

Resident Evil HD is not just a restoration of a horror classic but an opportunity to play an iconic game that so many missed back in the days. With the series having abandoned its roots, the HD remake is reminder of what it used to be.

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stanr1306d ago

With games like Five Nights at Freddy's along with Alien Isolation taking horror survival back to its roots of terror, Capcom will get its act together and actually focus on making a real horror survival rather than pandering to the Call of Duty fans.

NovusTerminus1306d ago

While I do hope they get back to what RE is.

I hope they make an action shooter with RE6's play style, I loved the mobility the game offered. But it was all wrong for Resident Evil.

stanr1304d ago

RE6 was less of a horror and more of a desperate attempt to pander to COD gamers, a mistake that so many game like SOCOM 4 made.

OrangePowerz1306d ago

RE is home. The series is a great example of how change can be bad.

I know everybody loves RE4 but for me that's where it started to go downhill. That one was already too action focused for me, no puzzles at all and not scary at all. It would be a great non RE game, but as a RE game for me personally it failed.

bluegoblin1306d ago

While i completely respect your opinion and understand your point of view i still loved RE4. Might just be my favorite game in the series. I think it still retained the horror factor while improving on some of the quite frankly deplorable gameplay of previous games. RE5 was absolute garbage lol

cfc781306d ago

18 years on and it's still putting horror games to shame.

Tiqila1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I don't see RE putting Silent Hill or Amnesia to shame. It might be the other way round, though. RE just hasn't the same atmosphere and a huge negative is its generic zombie story.

I would love to see a Dino Crisis remake and I am looking forward to that new Silent Hill(s) game, the P.T. demo was scary as hell.

stanr1304d ago

Dino Crisis should have been the action horror game of Capcom before they made the mistake of making a game based on a n old joke (Jurassic Park in Space). The horror genre now is having some real competition with games like Alien: Isolation and Five Nights at Freddy's. Its best for Capcom to take the series back to its roots.

Bathyj1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Even though I only really enjoyed RE 1 2 and 3, (I remeber the day I went and picked the first one up Day 1) I dont know if I can go back to this game with its clunky controls. Maybe weve been spoilt and lost patience for slower paced stuff like this, maybe I just want to remember it like it was, I dont know.

Have they replaced the Live action movie with the terrible acting at the beginning for a pre rendered graphic movie? Thats reason enough for me to preserve my memories.

Pozzle1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

This is a HD version of the Gamecube remake, not the original game. So the intro isn't the live-action one. It's the pre-rendered cutscene: