Battlefield 4 Players Will Be Able to Unlock Heists in the Battlefield Hardline Beta

DICE is celebrating a new year of Battlefield with a community event and the possibility of unlocking the Heist game mode in Battlefield Hardline's upcoming beta.

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UKmilitia1307d ago

when is the beta and is it worldwide on all platforms or just xb1

Glgh1306d ago

All platforms, no definitive date yet.

UKmilitia1306d ago

how did i get disagrees??
some eople on this site need putting to sleep 4ever

Utalkin2me1306d ago

Pretty sure it wont work

Neixus1306d ago

heist mode worked properly last beta, so i don't see why it shouldn't work now :-)

jaeEvuhL1306d ago

The cod boys are out today

ab5olut10n1306d ago

R* isn't going to like this...

supraking9511306d ago

Heists will be more intense in Hardline than Gta5. Gta5 heista will feel like Payday2 clone