Final Fantasy Developer Wants to Know Your Platforms of Choice and More

Square Enix is sending around a survey about the Final Fantasy franchise, focused mostly on what platforms people play on.

The questions also inquire on favorite genres and more, possibly meaning that the publisher might be thinking to expand the franchise further to other kind of games, as they already did with Final Fantasy VII G-Bike.

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Relientk771033d ago

The Final Fantasy survey doesn't even ask which ones you like the most -_- I guess Square Enix doesn't care about that, I certainly would.

Magicite1033d ago

Final Fantasy = Playstation, enough said.

Gamer19821033d ago

Just daft.. Sales talk about where people want to play a game.. Release on all formats and then work out which system it sells best on.

Keregan1033d ago

you are to young i guess

Relientk771032d ago

I say PS1 and PS2 specifically with that

The Golden Age :)

FF7 - 10

theshonen88991032d ago

Final Fantasy started with Nintendo, enough said.

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HentaiMasterRace1033d ago

PS Vita please, it deserves a FF game.

HentaiMasterRace1033d ago

Wait, everyone is just asking for FF7 remake. Do that then SE.

Snookies121033d ago

Lol, FFVII remake on Vita. That would make it sell like crazy.

1033d ago
masterfox1033d ago

what if, if I show them the middle finger instead ?, released the god damn game already!!! dammit!:/

PraxxtorCruel1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

That might just be the response they've been waiting for.

chikane1033d ago

ps3 vita ps2. have never played a ff outside PlayStation

PiNkFaIrYbOi1033d ago

Well you are very young than if you never played a FF on another platform.

jonboi241033d ago

Unfortunately I never got into playing RPGs till after FF7 and at that point my SNES was stolen from me. So just like Chikane I player a majority of FF games on playstation platforms. I relied mostly on FF psone collection games and remakes.

NukaCola1033d ago

I am 29 years old and played some of the original FFs on PS1. You got to know those came out in the 90's still and most 5 year olds aren't playing them. Not necessarily young to have played them on PS.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1033d ago


No they started coming out in late 80s

jambola1033d ago

Or he didn't know about/get into them until later
Or didn't didn't have early nintendo consoles
there's other possibilities that just being young

Jubez1871033d ago

Idk I'm 22 and I never played the old ones ON NES/SNES. I've done emulators and remakes. I think you're forgetting that those came out a long ass time ago. I don't think 22 is "very young"



Wait 'till you are in your mid 30's, 22 will feel like a baby too you, damn I'm 28 and I can barelly understand teenagers with their hip talk. LOL

Not that age have anything to do with anyone's videogame experience in reality, I believe PiNkFaIrYbOi just felt a little hurt people would relate FF to PS more than to it's original platforms (all Ninty), so tried to diminish the validity of the relation to a lack of experience/early age.

If he's point had any truth, any gamer born 89 or before should be a mobile gaming expert, since those would probably already be gaming by 94 when the first phones with games came to be, but obviously this is not truth, by 94 most people didn't even had a cellphone. Just like, even to this day, most people don't have a gaming console, let alone all gaming consoles, so anyone who picked games later in their life or simply used another platform, may very well bond a franchise to wherever it experienced that first.

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ritsuka6661033d ago

It's obvious you never played FF in Nintendo system...

jc485731033d ago

I'm surprised why SE would ask that question about console of preference.

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