Sony Sees More PS3 Integration With PSP

PSP hit the scene about three years ago and while it's been evolving into quite a useful handheld, it hasn't quite taken off like Sony would have liked.

But that doesn't mean that it's dying and SCEA Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller insists that sales have been "red hot" in 2008.

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butterfinger3697d ago

for Sony to give us different types of functionality between the PSP and PS3. I would love to be able to use my PSP as a Blu Ray remote or transfer digital copies of movies from the PS3 to my PSP.

Capt CHAOS3697d ago

you'll not see the extra quality on the psp

SpecialSauce3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

if u could stream simple games like LBP from the PS3 to PSP. i heard something about this don't know if it true tho

NegativeCreep4273697d ago

It is just the fact that xbox users cannot accept the fact that they do not have a respectable handheld in their arsenal yet. How Sad... Playstation is Champion...

braydon6193697d ago

i'll second that... i love sony, they make quality products and i've supported playstation and will continue too. i'll quit gaming before becoming a microsoft supporter :P i don't even use windows haha

JoelR3697d ago

Never say microsoft can't come out with a handheld of their own...
That said I think microsoft is working with nintendo in the handheld market.

Elvfam5113697d ago

MS work with nintendo if there rivals in the gaming world thats not smart at all and why would nintendo help beat there nintendo ds

JoelR3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

They are not rival as of yet in the handheld market - and if you have a huge market that you can sell cheap product into.... you'll use it.
Please also see that several microsoft IPs appear to be in production for the DS....

Elvfam5113696d ago

know that thanks for telling me but still i know MS will try to take over the handheld world and they might brush off Nintendo at the end of the day but thanks for the info bubbles up

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jay23697d ago

PSP neeed's something huge.

supremacy3696d ago

my friend would be, trophy support what? lol well lets take a minute to look at somethings and maybe even some possibilities shall we.

say if sony created a special trophy, something like a diamond platinum trophy which would give you a greater level in your stats say the only way you can get this trophy is through playing through and beating certain tasks on psps games this little scheme wouldn't necessarily force people into buying a psp or psp games in general but it will get a lot of attention and many hardcore gamers will fall for this tactic.

as a result this will help the psp sales and the more psps games that support this system the better the system will sell, why not do what your doing with the ps3 with the psp?

example say you got all the current trophies available including the platinum one, but if you want the diamond trophy you would need a psp is that simple. heck sony can even go all out with this and come out with a white gold trophy, Ruby trophy, emerald trophy, sapphire trophy and of course the ultimate trophy of both worlds would be the diamond trophy.

this trophy again can only be obtain by getting all the trophies on both your psp game and the ps3 counter part of those games of course. there would be exclusives for each platform but those would only add to your level nothing more.

of course the only way to obtain this trophy is to again also go through the psp counterparts of these same games as well. also this would give the psp a leg up on the DS thats for sure. same system same amount of trophies different trophies, just that this time around there is an extra hidden trophy that could only be obtained this way.

but to keep it all simple they could just have one universal account to keep track of all this that way whenever you play a psp exclusive or a ps3 exclusive you can just add your trophies to your overall level/profile.

i don't know just an idea of things thats all.

Elvfam5113697d ago

you can play your movies through remote play that be so sweet when you just want to watch while somebody wants to watch on your tv that the ps3 is connect on only hopes on my side and like SpecialSauce said "if u could stream simple games like LBP from the PS3 to PSP" that be nice too

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