Theme Hospital free on Origin right now – Go get it stat

The Eccentric Gamer writes: "One of the greatest games ever created is now free on Origin for a limited time, so go grab it while it is still alive. Here are the details."

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Sillicur974d ago

yay finally! One of the best games ever, that and dungeon keeper

CptEccentric974d ago

Theme Park also springs to mind as one of the absolute classics!

Zaphire974d ago

Dungeon keeper's strategic mode was already the best and then you could even go into first person of a character!

CptEccentric974d ago

I loved it so much, gonna play it again right now !

Zaphire974d ago

Was one of the best games back in the day!

CptEccentric974d ago

One of the games that prove until this very day that you do not need fancy gfx to be great

jambola974d ago

They really like to give this game away for free.

Kurisu974d ago

I don't have Origin or a PC but if I did I'd so download this.

Chop off those slack tongues!

Pop those bloaty heads!

Cure those invisible men!

What a great game.

NBT91974d ago

Oh man I bought it on GOG on sale for like £1. I'LL NEVER GET THAT £1 BACK! :D


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