Analyst: It's Not Too Late For PS3 This Cycle

While the budget-priced Wii has been outselling both PS3 and Xbox 360 since its release, the latter two have been duking it out for the number two spot aggressively in 2008, with Ad Age proclaiming that Sony may "be finally turning the corner" with PlayStation 3.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier says that regardless of how it may seem at the moment, the next-gen race is far from over.

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SecretAss3664d ago

I don't think its too late for the PS3.
Both consoles are gonna sell a lot and produce many good games.

aliveinboston3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

The PS3 has been outselling the 360 by more than 35% this year.

2008 Sales:

PS3: 5.0M
360: 3.7M

Robearboy3663d ago

Bit of a naive thing to type considering the larger install base the 360 had before this start of this year

player9113663d ago

Thats something most Sony Fanboys fail to realize is that EVERYONE already has/had a 360. The 360 came out so early that most people already own a 360 and have since ALSO purchased a PS3.

If you think about it, with the 360's already large install base already implanted, it is quite impressive that they still sell this many consoles.

The PS3 is new and since it was released so late, many gamers have had time to save up to buy another console.

Everyone I know who plays games owns a 360 with a few also owning a PS3. I don't know anyone who ONLY owns a PS3.

So I'm not hating on any console but that's how it is. The time gap between consoles allows people to purchase both. IMO it favors the interest of both companies to do it this way.

Serg3663d ago

Well, I don't know anyone with a 360 but I know plenty owning a PS3 (My friends who used to own a Xbox360 were happy to sell it and get a PS3, sending it in for RROD repairs and whatnot every few months can really get on someones nerves), I guess you live in america, well see there is a world behind the border... PS3 has outsold the XBOX in Europe and correct me if I'm wrong but xbox sales aren't good in Asia either. Ye ye, I know, Microsoft says they are ahead of PS3 by 750000 consoles, but MS said the number of consoles they shipped (included sold, still in the store, repaired and RRODed ones), considering every xbox360 owner had to turn in his console approximately 3 times, this number isn't anywhere near reality. It is true that it has a larger installbase in america, but sold consoles outside of america surprisingly do count and therefor the Xbox360 isn't that wide spread.

I do realize the PS3 isn't selling that good, but so was the PS2 when it first started, insane Price, not a very good set of launchtitles, and yet the best selling console in the world.

Time will tell, my personal analysis: When games become bigger and bigger, MS will have to think of something because a 4 DVD box as a game isn't acceptable. PS3 Exclusive titles already use the size-advantage of BluRay (Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5, there may be a lot more that I don't know about) and MS already begins to cut content in order to make it fit on a DVD9 (PGR) or extends it on 2 DVDs (Forza 3).

And I really hope MS won't make that mistake again and put a half baked console on the market that wasn't tested enough to see if it overheats to be "the first" on the market.

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Light Yagami3663d ago

Of course it's not too late. I am Justice! There are so many rotten things in the world today. And I'm here to fix it.

LightningPS33663d ago

Because those idiots shot themselves in the foot. This gen is turning out to basicly be a price war between PS3 and XBOX 360, because they are basicly the same product.

And Sony right away put themselves out by $200 dollars, they have fought but this still haunts them today. XBOX 360 is getting ready for another price drop, and it's gonns start smacking the PS3 again.

Poor PS3. Bet you if they could do it over again, they would of not DARED priced the PS3 at $600 at luanch. And they wouldn't of not DARED with Blu ray. Even they know it's a bust now.

Sony knows what's going on, but there crappy decisions are still costing them. I'm sure they regret it so bad.

pwnsause3663d ago

??? are you high tonight?

Enterprise-E3663d ago

I laughed. I cried. Mostly laughing.

THAMMER13663d ago

Oh snap! No you did not say " XBOX 360 is getting ready for another price drop, and it's gonns start smacking the PS3 again."

I broke my sternum laughing.

thehitman3663d ago

post u being sarcastic?

Genesis53663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Lightning how do you research, create and implement all new technology for old technology prices? PS3 wasn't build out of exsisting hardware it's a brand new machine. It's called progress.

SL1M DADDY3663d ago

If you had any understanding of how powerful Sony's fan base was then you would have never thought for two seconds to post the dribble you just slapped up on N4G here. Stop with the flame bait and get a life.

barom3663d ago

Lol, funny how you say it's about a price war. If it really was about the price. X360 wouldn't need to lower their price as they are cheaper than the PS3. Not to mention that PS3 has been neck in neck in terms of sales so far this year (so far PS3 sold better 3 out of 5 months). It is and always has been about the GAMES (for most of us anyway).

On a sidenote I'll just add that the value per dollar for each machine is way higher on a PS3. Wii is basically just a GameCube with new controllers (which they technically could've just added as a peripheral for the GC). X360 was such a rushed machine, parts that should've been included (by law) is not even there. Which is why RROD occurs and disc scratching when you move the 360. PS3 includes WiFi, Blu Ray and techincally a PS1 (some even a PS2). It's sturdy as a mountain and you could even use it as a computer (by installing linux). Probably should also mention that online is free.

Isaac3663d ago

You assume Sony did not know it would be a very tough market if they priced it at 600. You also assume the loss they have taken has not been worth it for the Blu-ray victory.

GarandShooter3663d ago

As barom stated you have to look at the value. When you add the cost of the 360, wireless adapter and HD-DVD drive (prior to it's failure) you come up to more than $600.00. (and my 360 only has a 20 gig HDD, my PS3 a 60 gig)

And everybody assumes Sony is off their gameplan. They're Japanese. Maybe, just maybe they still have some of that slow and methodical approach their culture has been known for, as opposed to the instant-gratification-rush-eve rything-to-market American approach. Sometimes the run in guns a-blazing approach only gets you killed.

It really bugs me when ignorant morons fail to account for potential cultural differences.

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Angelitos3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, by the end of next year for the PS3, PS3 owners will have GOW3, FF13, FF13 Verses, GT5, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Socom Confrontation, LittleBigPlant, HOME, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Infamous, L.A. Noire, and there is a whole bunch more. Poor Xbots, the PS3 is only messing around at this point.

Poor Xbots

WIIIS13663d ago

You mean that PS3 is a mess at this point - 2 years into its lifespan with a disappointing library of games, incomplete online service, generally inferior multiplatform games and game installation travesties.

PopEmUp3663d ago

lol please go home and tell your daddy or momma that to prepare yourself a new 360 or else you be left without a single 360 to play this holiday, because of the simple reason that your 360 will be going to the repair shop real soon

sleepyk3663d ago

disappointing library of games- MGS4, Uncharted, GT5:P, Resistance & Motorstorm disappointing? Try the Wii's 3rd party lineup, which is disappointing. Or 360's so-called hit, Halo 3

incomplete online service- which can be fixed at a speed more capable than XBL bulls**t service

generally inferior multiplatform games- Burnout Paradise, DMC4, GTA4, GRID looked better and run better on PS3

game installation travesties- beats the hell out of switching disks because PS3 games only does the installation once.

DavidMacDougall3663d ago

I will give you that microsoft has got alot of good stuff in there store and because most games are made on the xbox they look better but its still failing !!

juuken3663d ago

Oh WIIIS1, you ignorant moron. I'm pretty sure that Rome wasn't built in a day. The only reason why the 360 has this stuff already is because of the fact that Microshaft rushed it out of the market. The PS3 is set to have a ten year lifespan. How long did Microshaft set the 360 to last? If their original XBox couldn't last, what makes YOU think the 360 will last?

Like I've been saying all along, Microshaft are messing with experts. Sony knows what they're doing, and when the time comes, the glory days of the PS2 will visit upon the PS3.

Closing3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

WIIIS1 is just a troll, and not worth arguing with. Trust me.

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butterfinger3663d ago

The PS3 is only in its second year and going strong! Anyone that says the war is over for any console is nothing more than a blind fanboy. Each console has a great chance of jumping up in sales, but I would dare to say the PS3 still has the most untapped potential and definitely more highly anticipated titles on the way in the future. We will have to wait and see what happens.