PS4 Gets 31 New Themes, Including Several Dynamic Ones: Screenshots Inside

Today Sony released a whopping 31 new themes for the PS4 on the PSN. Here's a full list and a gallery with all the screenshots provided.

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sprinterboy1221d ago

I will buy all astronomy themes lol, such a sucker for them

CARROT1809941221d ago

if only the blue code was green, id get that, matrix ftw

Abriael1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I got the turtles one and it's actually really nice. Nice music and the 3D turtles are nicely animated, swimming around and over the UI. It's quite soothing :D

ZombieKiller1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I like turtles.

blacktiger1221d ago

turtle are the best, they have their own mobile house!

masterfox1221d ago

pirate girl for me!!, but damn 3.49 ? damn you Sony you tempting me!! :D

LonDonE1221d ago

I wish we could just install our own custom themes or better yet give us an app which allows us to make our own theme!

I used the freebie playstation now theme and it looks AWESOME! the blue globe with all the games and all electrified with the PS logo in the middle looks sooooo boss!!!
I just cant bring myself to buy these themes, they should be free for plus users!

LackTrue4K1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

there all cheap and ugly....its just a simple wallpaper in the background. and for 2.99.....they must be joking? haha

I raterh have/buy real official PlayStation themes.

all 31 of them, look terrible.


yeah, imo "A Nebula" is without a doubt the best looking theme of the bunch. hopefully the themes music is just as nice!

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BallsEye1221d ago

Paid themes... Sony should take MS approach and rather give themes for achievements in games and others for free.

tlougotg1221d ago

Why would Sony do that? Sony already kills Microsoft in regards to the free games it offers on plus, the free 10 dollars we get on playstation store couple times a year and so forth. Microsft is a joke when it comes to giving to their customers and treating them good. By the way Sony already gives us free themes im using the cool PS Now one they gave us recently.

Christopher1221d ago

Anything over $1 is way overpriced for a theme, IMHO.

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BiggCMan1221d ago

31??? DAAAAAAAAAMN!!! They went from like 7 or 8, straight to 40! YEA BUDDY!

TheFutureIsBlue1221d ago

Oh, what's that? You want some themes.......BOOMSHAKALACKA!

andibandit1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

No I want more games

Lev19031221d ago

Yeah. Too bad they are asking money for it. I only see that this is a background and nothing more.

I dont think that they should charge us 3 dollars for a wallpaper. Look at what MS is doing. Free wallpapers by unlocking achievements. You need to spend 120 dollars in total for 40 wallpapers. I mean DAAAAAMNNNN!!!

Gamer19821221d ago

If only a quarter of owners bought a theme though thats 10 million dollars with a few themes that probably took them a few days to put together. Easy money. Its also why we can't do our own themes like with PS3. Though they should make dynamic themes paid and static free..

Jaqen_Hghar1221d ago

Meh. None of these have to do with gaming and a man likes gaming themes on his gaming machine. Sticking with the Order 1886 theme for now and its sad violin music

TheFutureIsBlue1221d ago

Hoping they release a Bloodborne theme. I bet it would have dramatic music and sounds. I'd buy that!

MasterCornholio1221d ago

That's a lot of themes.


I'm still sticking with my 20th anniversary one. Love that PSX boot up sound.

GarrusVakarian1221d ago

Yeah, that's the one I have too. Every time I boot up my PS4 I get a nice dose of nostalgia. I love it.

Kurisu1221d ago

Pretty hard to beat that theme! I love it.

DOMination-1221d ago

The text in the corner makes that theme tacky for me. Its a shame because it was nice to hear that music again

Gamer19821221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

The sounds great the colour scheme though is horrible..

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JohnApocalypse1221d ago

Dam, I can't get a preview of what they look like cause Europe

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