LOL: Anybody Else Notice That Prequels Are More Advanced Than Sequels?

SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:

I’m saying to myself why don’t these prequels really feel like prequels? And it hit me these prequels for the most part are always more advanced than the sequels.

Have you noticed that too?

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SaveFerris1279d ago

Interesting article.
I agree with the author in regards to the Batman example, where the prequel should be more stripped down in regards to the technology that Batman has access to. But the flip side of this is that fans might be turned off by this approach seeing it as a backward step compared to the last Batman game they played. So while it is a continuity error, the developers want this game to sell so it doesn't matter except to those people who are a little pedantic.

ZombieKiller1278d ago

First off, it's a game. Recognize that and think to yourself how fun the GAME would be without specific things advanced or not. Use your imagination. GTA V, to me, balances what's fun/realistic almost perfectly. Real graphics, physics, effects, weather yada yada the same time can you die IRL, pay 5k to get revived at the nearest hospital, and go about your day? No, because that wouldn't be fun. Suspension of disbelief for once!

Why did bats have a remote claw? BECAUSE THE DEVS THOUGHT YOU MIGHT ENJOY IT...nothing else. Well, that and because he took it from Deathstroke haha

Secondly, SPECIFICALLY in Arkham Origins, the devs said Batman's always had the tech, it's the mission that calls for him to grab it from the cave.

Sorry but I would rather have a few minor items in a game, then try to have it convince me it's more realistic.

Corndog: "Its like saying that the Star Wars prequels sucked because the special effects they used were much better than "A New Hope." (When really, everyone knows the prequels sucked for a bunch of other reasons.) "


gangsta_red1279d ago

Yes, this is why I have always had a problem with prequels.

How can you add new weapons, enemies and design improvements when the game takes place before the first? I mean technically then can but from a story perspective it makes absolutely no sense and it actually kills the story.

This is why I was not a fan of Gears: Judgement and the many talks or suggestions of the new Gears starting again in the past is ridiculous.

RedDeadLB1278d ago

Just to ask, what's so different in Gears Judgment compared to other Gears of War games? I've yet to play Judgment.

Scatpants1278d ago

Also how does it kill the story to have some different gadgets? Just take it with a grain of salt. It really doesn't matter a whole lot.

CorndogBurglar1278d ago

I understand what the article is saying, but come on.

Do people really expect the devs to release a stripped down game just so it feels like it actually took place BEFORE the last game?

Who on earth would want that and how on earth would you market it? you wouldn't. New games need to be bigger and better than the previous games, even if it is a prequel. You can't say, "Hey remember Arkham Asylum? That game had 9 gadgets! This prequel, Arkham Origins? It has 5 gadgets! (Buy our game!)

Its like saying that the Star Wars prequels sucked because the special effects they used were much better than "A New Hope." (When really, everyone knows the prequels sucked for a bunch of other reasons.)

I would understand the technology level. If your playing a game, or watching a movie, the technology and gadgets should not be BETTER or NEWER than what takes place later in the timeline. But that doesn't mean there can't be more. As long as it looks like it fits in with the time and world of the prequel, its fine.

Perjoss1278d ago

Mass Effect 1 was a more advanced RPG than both of its sequels.

Chrischi19881278d ago

So many games back in the day were so super complex. Most games focus so hard on visuals, are so expensive because of visuals and because of that the complexity of the game itself suffers. I agree with the article, too many games are way to linear.

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