Turning the PlayStation 3 into a Full-Fledged Computer

IGN's hands-on experience of installing, running and evaluation of the Yellow-Dog Linux 5.0 on Sony's featuristic new machine, the Playstation 3.

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Retard4398d ago

Sounds awesome; I suck with Linux though, I wonder how a 'user-friendly' one will be... I know I'm getting it.

DeathNote14398d ago

at this point it seems.. the built in ps3 os and browser on the ps3 works better than linux right now. no flash support in linux or much media play back yet. and things can be semi-slow only using 256mb of ram.

sa739174398d ago

The only reason flash wasn't working for them is because they weren't willing to go down the "standard" (for linux) path of downloading the source and compiling it for your platform.. In this case Power PC.. People already have various Power PC versions of linus running on their PS3's and there's plenty of source that can be compiled for that chip..

Bhai4397d ago

...About six months or so, everything will be unlocked by Sony hopefully, then we'll have a complete PC and a next-gen console in one pack all. The beautiful thing from the article is that the Yeloow Dog Linux recognizes even the there is an efficient configuration being done to Linux. And as soon as all features are unlocked, all bottlenecks will be replaced by newer approaches in these new technologies.