Gamers Universe: Wacky Racers Crash and Dash Review

Gamers Universe writes: "In some ways, the Nintendo DS is worse off than the Wii when it comes to shovelware. It's been around longer, and there's a much larger user base. So as far as a lot of publishers and developers are concerned, it's a more attractive proposition to develop for. You can pretty much release any old tat on the DS and be sure to garner at least enough sales to cover the tiddly development costs.

I could be entirely wrong of course, but this is the only way I can imagine that stuff like Wacky Races: Crash and Dash gets made. Pick up a relatively cheap licence based on an intellectual property that a few people might recognise. Tack together something shoddy and broken with no love for either your work or the original IP, then hastily release it with little or no hype or press coverage hoping that little Timmy or Jenny will pass by their local game store and pick it off the shelf, and eventually spend their hard-earned paper round money on it (assuming that kids get paid enough to cover the ludicrous cost of DS games of course)."

+Based on a great cartoon
+Intro sequence is good
+A couple of nice spot effects
+All the vehicles from the cartoon are in there

-Dreadful dreadful gameplay
-Blow and stylus controls are hateful
-Each vehicle / team plays just like the others
-Wobbly graphics and ugly characters / cars
-Childhood-memory-murdering anti-homage

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