5 Reasons Why Achievements Are Better Than Trophies

From NextGen Player:

"With the launch of PS3 firmware update 2.40 on July 2, Sony has officially launched their own gamer reward system to compete with Microsoft's well entrenched Achievement system. Microsoft was the first the out of the gate, and has had two and a half years to refine and improve their product. With this experience under their belt, is Microsoft's Achievement offering better than their rival's Trophy system? Or has the extra time allowed Sony to develop a superior reward system?

In part 1 of our feature article, NextGen Player will examine the reasons why Achievements are better to Trophies. Next week, in part 2 we will examine the reasons why Trophies are better than Achievements."

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Angelitos3606d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, they got this guy embarassing themselves. Poor Xbots, this guy is ignorant, and the only thing that achievements has of right now over trophies, are games that already released. Poor Xbots, trophies are more entertaining and describes better than a whole bunch of numbers showing, A.K.A. Achievements.

Poor Xbots

Pain3606d ago

and they forgot to say...M$ Defense force Hoooooo!

Rocko3606d ago

cuz its the only game with trophies, LMAO.

"bu..bu..but teh rpg system"

poor droids.

pwnsause3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

"- Hope you have stardust...
cuz its the only game with trophies, LMAO.

"bu..bu..but teh rpg system"

poor droids."

Right...guess someone caught an RROD tonight. damage control on something thats going to get cleared in about a month from now. "bu..bu..but, teh 360 hardware is superior" what a loser. tell you what, let me tell you a joke:

why do they call it the 360?

1.consumer by 360 from Micro$oft
2.Consumer gets RROD
3.Consumer sends it back to Micro$oft, and gets ripped off

thats a joke that going to be around for a long time to come, while the Trophy issue isnt. goodbye smallbrain.

Veryangryxbot3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

If there is one thing we have learned, its that PSN is ever evolving while LIVE is static.

Therefore PSN is superior in the end.

Trophies are merely the beginning. And we have yet to see a game take full advantage of it. Dont worry, when Uncharted trophies and MGS4 trophies come, Ill replay both of these games. Cos they simply worth it.

Meanwhile you can cry and act like as if Xbox 360 still has the upper hand. While you do that, Ill be knowing that movie downloads is coming this summer and HOME in the fall with LBP in November.

Bots are scared shiatless right now so they are looking for confirmation that Live still has the upper hand. It does not. Live is already surpassed.

What you see here, bots is merely the 2D (thats TWO DEE for you bots) trophies. Home is where the trophy system truly shines in full 3D glory.

Meanwhile Live will always remain static and 2D. Thats the best you bots will ever experience. Just a fking textline and a number saying that you did a stupid move in game A and a number to proof that.

Well guess what, you get what you pay for lol OWNED.

Rocko3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Truth hurts, stop acting like a b*tch. I actually have stardust, do you? Wait nevermind what am I thinking, 90% of all droids don't even have half the sh*t they brag about.

And LOL at veryangryxbot d*ckriding.

pwnsause3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

oh so you did responded Rocko

so you called me pwnsh!t right? i like that, cause thats what i do when i take a Sh!t on people, like you for example. BTW the biggest Sh!t in the world is the 360 when it RRODs. you sound like your tearing just cursing all over the place HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA H AHHAHA
keep responding b!tch your constantly getting DOMINATED by everyone on this site.

Rocko3605d ago

You've already lost, thanks for playing though [email protected]

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rmeno253606d ago

its going to argue for both sides...

Millah3606d ago

Lol you must be the only person here who actually read the article.

paulhunter3606d ago

This post isn't intended to be trolling, it's a 2-part feature article that will compare both reward systems. Next week we will be releasing our list of reasons why Trophies are better than Achievements. The point of these articles are to debate intelligently the pros and cons of Microsoft's and Sony's reward system offerings.

Millah3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Hey paulhunter, I actually took the time to read your article, seems like I'm the only one who understands the whole point of it. Seems like everyone likes to be arrogant and jump to conclusions without actually reading :P

But good job with the title, this ought to get you quite a good buzz in no time.

paulhunter3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

After seeing how people have responded, I actually feel I should have titled the article differently. My intent was to ignite intelligent debate over the two platform's reward system - not to cause a flame war. I'm not sure if some of the commenters actually read the synopsis, for it clearly states I will be arguing both sides. I think Achievements and Trophies are both unique products and have differing strengths. It's interesting to review the pros and cons of each reward system, and I hope people enjoy the articles.

Thanks again for your reply.

GameDev3606d ago

your whole title screams flamebait, then you wanna come on here and talk about "intelligently debate" your fanboy crap. TOOL

juuken3606d ago

Poor xbox fanatics. They're running out of things to bash the PS3 for so they have to resort to bashing trophies.

You guys have games, right? Then play them.

paulhunter3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

This article is part 1 of a 2 part feature that will be reviewing the pros of Achievements and Trophies. Next week we will posting the advantages Trophies have over Achievements. The intent of these articles to start intelligent debate on the pros and cons of both consoles reward systems.

juuken3606d ago

Um...but your titling says otherwise?

paulhunter3606d ago

The second paragraph of the article indicates that next week we will review the advantages of Sony's Trophy system. The article will be entitled "5 Reasons Why Trophies Are Better Than Achievements".

vitz33606d ago

then submit this crap next week with both articles so i can report it then.

Millah3606d ago

Wow people are officially retarded. No s**t the title says otherwise, because part 1 is a look from the 360 side of things.

Can you guess what the title of part 2 will be? Wait for it........oh maybe he will title it "5 Reasons Why Trophies Are Better Than Achievements" NO WAY?

I feel bad for paulhunter getting unnecessary hate from arrogant children who can't read.

paulhunter3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I just wanted to say thanks again Millah (third time!)

Next week's article will indeed be called "5 Reasons Why Trophies Are Better Than Achievements". I have purposely positioned both articles so they come from the viewpoint of a diehard Xbox 360 fan, and for next week's article, a diehard PS3 fan.

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Old Snake3606d ago

I have yet to use the trophies, but from what I hear most people like them better. Of course they're practically the same thing

Close_Second3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

They are almost the same thing however, I must admit I do like the way you rank up after gaining so may trophies. Again it means nothing in the grand scheme of things but it kind of makes a mini-game out of it.

Now if only both MS and Sony would reward players with something more tangible. That is, convert your hard earned trophies or achievements to points you can use to purchase items off the respective on-line stores. I know MS dabbled with it for a short time but it would certainly make people strive to get that last achievement/trophy.

Dannagar3606d ago

One reason Achievements Are Better Than Trophies, Every single Xbox 360 game has them.

Close_Second3606d ago

...but achievements should not be the best thing about a game. There are too many examples of sub-standard games on XBLA where the only reason to play them is to earn achievement points.

BobDog3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

i personaly dont care much for trophies or achiements, i just want to play the game

rexor07173606d ago

That Xbox has more, its true, but if you really want to convince people, come back in six months then have the discussion about which is better once trophies are standard with games.

uie4rhig3605d ago

but the fifth one is not reasonable but kinda true.. that part doesn't have much to do with trophies and achievements, besides about the trophies not being viewable in PS2/BluRay/DVD discs.. Sony did hint that they would add this later probably.. but they wanted to release the ingame xmb for PS3 games first..

my take on trophies and achievements.. i don't really care tbh.. i have yet to try achievements.. so i can't really judge anyway.. but from what i heard about achievements (only unlock and a points) then i would guess that the Trophies are in fact better.. maybe not all games support it.. but future games will.. i don't care about the old games tbh.. coz i cba to play them all again.. unless its in the online part..

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