Gamers Universe: Big Beach Sports Review

Gamers Universe writes: "There's no getting away from it really. Wii Sports was a genius move by Nintendo. Their choice to bundle one of the best games on the system with the thing from day one, setting a nigh on impossibly high benchmark for fun and playable sports titles to follow could explain why it's such an untapped market on the Wii. It's seemingly just too damned difficult to get the balance right between pick up and play appeal and a feeling that you can actually develop your sporting skills for third party developers who pretty much just want to make a fast buck.

Big Beach Sports from THQ obviously sets out with no pretension that it's ever going to come remotely close to emanating the sort of success that Wii Sports enjoys. Marked down at a budget-like price as it is, and being quite basic in gameplay and graphical styling it's squarely aimed at younger players or casual gamers. But is it fun? Can Big Beach Sports' collection of six rather oddly eclectic games have broad appeal? There's only one way to find out and it means getting your toes sandy and avoiding the lapping waves."

+Some games are fun
+Works better with mates
+Bocce is great
+Interesting DS bonus bits
+Blue sky gaming rocks!

-Simple, almost ugly graphics
-Controls need serious tuning
-Not much real game on offer
-Music makes your ears bleed
-Frustrating for young 'uns

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