Blue Dragon Gets Off To A Blistering Start

You have more chance selling your left lung in Japan than an Xbox 360 at the minute, Microsofts next-gen console simply will not move, but the 360's fortunes maybe about to change if Famitsu magazine are anything to go by...

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FirstknighT3977d ago

This is starting to get exciting! Now I'm curious on how much this one game will sell in Japan. It's good to see Microsoft learing from there past mistakes and starting to release AAA titles for all regions! We got GOW, they get Blue Dragon! Everybody is happy! :)

SuperSaiyan43977d ago

I voted lame by mistake noooooooooo!!!! I am soo sorry this game is truely amazing! I cannot wait to get it in the UK!!

T-Rac3977d ago

well im sorry weve already sent our two KGB assassins to your house and they left their cellphones here...

just dont eat any sushi if youre offered it


JoelEH3977d ago

I hope we get this game soon Im wanna play it just as bad as I wanned to play Gears. If MS want to keep selling the 360 they are going to have to bundle every single 360 in Japan with this game. NOW! really it would sale out within days. I am sure of it.

beans3977d ago

I really hope this game does well in Japan!

0ldb0y3977d ago

When is Blue Dragon expected to release in US and UK?

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