Gamers Universe: Tony Tough 2 Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Puzzles make and break many adventure games, and Tony Tough 2 has at least managed to bring some average examples to the table here. They're all inventory or dialogue-based, but unfortunately fall foul of the logic police on many occasions. You simply won't know what the best course of action is outside of some lengthy trial and error at points, and in the present day and age that sort of gameplay is nothing short of unacceptable.

The construction of some of the puzzles is also quite frustrating. Several items in the game have a veiled purpose until later on, and even then you'll never quite understand exactly what they do, or why you needed them in the first place. The opportunity to miss several objects also presents itself at various stages, and even though the locations are small, you'll still end up pixel-hunting on numerous occasions."

+Music is ok
+A road to hell, but a quick one
+Everything is up from here
+This is the last one

-Out of date graphics
-Terrible voice acting
-No logic in the puzzles
-Very easy

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