Gamers Universe: City Life 2008 Review

Gamers Universe writes: "If you've heard Will Wright deliver any of his academic speeches before, there's a strong chance you already consider the man to be a complete genius. Not only in terms of the technical quality of the software that he pioneers, but the ability to spot an opportunity in concepts that others would instantly dismiss as entirely too mundane.

Sim City is perhaps the most classic example of this principle at work. Suburban planning is widely considered to be a relatively dull subject after all, but seen through the eyes of someone with a passion for education - and an ability to convey information in an entertaining and addictive manner - it's suddenly transformed into something that even your mum can enjoy. There are those that flesh out the various gaming genres with fantastic technical displays and progress the medium in their own right, and then there are those that break boundaries to invent the new categories in the first place. Wright, is undoubtedly a pioneer."

+Complex simulation
+Social dynamics
+Full 3D models
+Runs well
+Vast variety of building types

-Poor tutorial
-A little too confusing
-Not particularly attractive
-Cluttered interface

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