Gamers Universe: Project Origin Preview

Gamers Universe writes: "Monolith and their series of Lithtech engines have a long heritage on the PC, from fighting the evil demonic cabal in the Blood series, to the impressively written spy series No One Lives Forever. While many console gamers will recognise the name from their recent foray into disturbing melee FPSs in Condemned, their most recent PC-centric endeavour was the slow-mo heavy, combat arena title F.E.A.R. Released a few years ago under a publishing deal with Vivendi, Monolith lost the rights to the game's name when Warner Bros. bought out the company and severed any future publishing ties. Luckily for the team behind F.E.A.R., Monolith had been sensible enough to only sell the rights to the name under the publishing contract and after throwing the job of naming a sequel set in the same universe over to a community competition they came up with Project Origin."

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